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Individual skill assessment — this will help you to find out your strength and weaknesses through a    series    of tools and tests. Each individual will be given a separate feedback and suggestion sheet.
   Arranging Interviews — The interviews which we arrange are mainly on a reference basis, which carries    more importance than a normal walk-in. Keeping in mind that getting interviews for freshers is very difficult,    we will be providing a min no of interviews for each candidates based on their skills and interest.
 Job related information — Apart from sure shot reference based interviews, we will providing information    about freshers openings & interview schedules
 Interview guidance — Keeping in mind each interview is crucial, we expect that your do well in the     interview    and other selection process. So, we will be providing tips & guidelines for future interviews and     selection    process.
 Training sessions — Our team and experts from the industry will be providing structured training sessions    for the benefit of the candidates. These sessions would focus on HR skills, aptitude, GD, technology    overview and market trend.
 Part-time assignments — We will also arrange to provide part time jobs and assignments to earn some    money or some work experience even during your job search process.
 Career Counseling, Guidance & Support — Our expert team will support you with all kinds of information &    tips regarding higher studies, job related information, fresher recruitment, technical training, software    training, job market, Bangalore market, off campus events and many more useful & quick job related links   (both direct & indirect modes, even small & big companies)
• We will also provide other higher studies, training and job related info and assistances. Any time with prior   appointment, we would be glad to help you out in case of any kind of problems.
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